📝 Invite a Driver to Sign Forms

Select your Driver and then click the FORMS tab.

Click the Create a User Account for this Driver.

Once the Driver Account is created you will see the list of forms that can be selected. Select your Forms needed and click INVITE. This feature will send the driver an email requesting they need to login and sign some requested forms.

Invite Driver: Select any forms needed and then click Invite. The driver will be emailed a password and special link to access the requested forms. The driver has 14 days to sign the forms before their account is de-activated. Click the INVITE button (you do not need to select any forms) to send them another email and extend their access. If the Driver needs to change any info on a completed form they can login and click the Edit button next to the form.


Incomplete: Driver has not signed the form.

Complete: Driver has signed the form. Click View/Print to access the signed form.
Not Applicable: Driver was not Invited for the form.

Driver Forms Link: This unique link is for internal use only and is specific to an Invited driver. This is the login link that is emailed to the driver when they are Invited. It allows you to quickly see their forms access page to verify any info. You can also use this link internally to have a driver quickly sign/edit their forms without logging in with their credentials.
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