🧪 How to Order a Drug Test (Consortium)

This Guide applies to Clients enrolled in our Consortium.

(1) Login and select ORDER - NEW ORDER

(2) Select required Test (based on random selection).

(3) Enter applicant information.

(4) Enter applicant address (the system will provide lab locations based on applicant address, company address or you can select any location.)

(5) Enter Testing Information. (DOT Drug Testing requires the CDL License No and State). Enter applicants email for them to receive a copy of the e-Passport.

(6) Review Order Summary and select Complete Order.

(7) You will then receive a Notice that the lab needs to be selected.

(8) After clicking SCHEDULE NOW, you will be prompted with an instruction screen.

(9) Click READY TO BEGIN button.

👉 The labs shown by default is based on the applicants address. You can change the location by selecting the Change Search Location link.

Change Search Location Screen

(10) Select Lab location by clicking the Select this Site button.

(11) PLACE ORDER and on the next screen you see the e-PASSPORT that can be printed. The applicant MUST take the passport to the lab. If you entered the applicants email during the order process they are automatically emailed the passport and the passport will be attached to the search order.

NOTE: Drug Tests are reviewed by an MRO (Medical Review Officer) and generally take 3 to 5 business days to complete. You will be notified when the results are complete and available via your account. The MRO Report and CCF will be attached to the search order.

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