🧪 How to Order a Drug Test

There are 3 Types of Drug Tests: DOT Urine, DOT Urine + Alcohol and Non-DOT Urine

(1) Login to your account and select ORDER - NEW ORDER

(2) Select your required drug test.

(3) Enter applicant information.

(4) Enter applicants address (you will have the option to select a lab near the applicant or company or any zip code).

(5) Select Lab Location.

— Select Reason for Testing.

— DL No and State.

— Enter applicant email address (driver will be emailed the e-passport).

(6) Review Order and Submit.

👉 Note: An e-Passport is generated and attached to the search order and emailed to the driver. The passport must be printed and taken to the lab.

👉 Results generally take 3 to 5 business days and you will be emailed when the results are completed.

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