✏️ How to Order a PSP Report

⚠️ We DO NOT Provide Personal PSP Reports. If you need your personal PSP, you can order it directly from the FMCSA PSP website. Only Companies can use our services.

You have 2 Ordering Options:

▪️ Select ORDER - NEW ORDER 
▪️ Select PSP Crash and Inspection History - click NEXT
▪️ Enter Required fields: Name and DOB - click NEXT
▪️ Enter Name, DL NO and State - click NEXT
▪️ Review ORDER and click COMPLETE

If you have multiple drivers to check click COMPLETE and NEXT.

👉 STEP 1: Select Search

👉 STEP 2: Enter required info (Name and DOB).

👉 STEP 3: Enter DL NO and State. Check Driver Consent Received.

👉 STEP 4: Review Order and Complete.

You will receive an email notice with a PDF download link for your MVR. You can also access your completed MVR by selecting the REPORTS - COMPLETED tab or by using the quick search bar in the top right of your screen.

🚨 Note: If you have ordered a prior search on the same applicant the system will inform you and ask if you would like to continue - this prevents ordering duplicates by mistake.

💡 You can use your own company release or our releases that are available on your account dashboard (PDF and e-Sign). If you use the e-sign link, you will need to manually send the link to the applicant and once completed we automatically receive a copy of the release.
2️⃣ QUICKAPP (Recommended)
▪️ Select ORDER - NEW ORDER 

▪️ Select PSP Crash and Inspection History and click QUICKAPP

▪️ Enter applicant name and email address - click SEND

If you have multiple drivers to check click SEND and NEXT .

👉 Note: This will automatically email the drivers a secure link to enter their own information and e-sign a release - once submitted the searches will be automatically processed and the release will be attached to the search order.

👉 You can manage PENDING QuickAPPs by selecting the Order - Applicant Pending tab.

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